Kiel Koalas Australian Football Club

Australian Football in Kiel

everyone welcome!

Our training sessions in Kiel

With the days getting shorter and shorter, we have decided to put our weekday training on hold as there’s no daylight any more. We’ll now meet once every week on the weekend. There’s no fixed date for this yet, for the time being we will meet either Saturday or Sunday depending on weather and availability. If you are interested, please get in touch and we will keep you posted about the next sessions!

Everybody is welcome to join the training! Most of us are absolute beginners, and we’ll always design the exercises in such a way that everyone can participate, regardless of their individual level. You don’t really need to bring anything, but ideally you should have a pair of shoes that work well on grass, like football boots with rubber studs.

Our training ground is the Nordmarksportfeld public sports ground, close to Kiel university.

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Map of Nordmarksportfeld